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    The Greek Pantheon of Gods!  Who are the Greek Gods, and why am I drawn to Them?  How can I lead a virtuos life here on Earth when the models of Deity are falandering, adulterous, thieving, vengeful and jealous Gods?  Are They Good or Evil?  Are They Almighty, powerful, or limited?  The Pantheon is so vast and has such a lengthy tradition of mythology and ritual, how can I grow as an individual, what can I learn, and is this really the right path for me?

    These are just a few of the questions I had to answer before I was able to dedicate myself completely to my Gods, and yes, They are mine, for They have claimed my heart and I have accepted Them into my life.  I gather that you are either asking yourself similiar questions about the Greek Gods, or you have spent the time in study and meditation and answered them in your own way, which is probably what brought you to seek out this web-site.  I cannot answer your questions, all I can do is share my answers, reveal the path that I have chosen, and my ideas - you have to discover your own path and dedicate for your own reasons.  Why they may or may not be similiar, they will in the end have to be made your own.

    I wanted GreekWicca.com to be a one stop source for all the information you could possibly want to know about the Greek Pantheons and the ancient ways of worship, and how they could all be incorporated into modern Wicca and Neo-Pagan worship.  The vastness of Classical History is staggering, and there is so much information that I admit to becoming overwhelmed and diving so deeply into my own study that these pages went without an update for over a year.  I apologize for that, and one of my resolutions for this year is to finish these GreekWicca.com pages.  I have a vision, and I will see it through.

    For now, I will try to just find all the links and informational pages that I can and have them added here, and then I can convert the information to these pages where it is applicable to the practice of Their worship through Wicca.  Please find patience with my vision.
The Greek Gods
Index of the Greek Gods
This index of the Gods was last updated: June 19, 2021
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