I had to ask myself many of the same questions about the Greek Goddesses that I shared with you on the Gods page.  Is this Pantheon of beautiful but jealously vengeful Goddesses for me?  Have I heard a calling?  What truth will I find in Their arms?  Will I be spiritually fulfilled worshiping Them?
    Again, these are just a few of the many questions I had to answer for myself, and that you will have to answer for yourself as well.  I have had a calling, a calling to be a spiritual person whose faith is expressed through regular worship of the Gods and Goddesses and practiced through ritual and throughout my daily life.

    We cannot base our morals on the lessons we learn from the Deity, for their morals and virtues are as different from us as They are.  The Divine are not human, and we cannot base the virtues of Human Nature through the actions of the Divine Nature, we can only revere the Divine and worship Them as They are deserving.  The Goddesses are more magnificent, powerful, and awe-inspiring than anything found here on Earth, and it is by Their pleasure that we know Them.

    I am greatful that I could open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to the Greek Goddesses.  My life today is as different from the Classical Greeks that originally worshipped Them as They are from me.  Through my journey I also had to find a path, a way of religiously expressing myself that I was comfortable with.  This was a long, winding path, but I found Wicca, and Neo-Paganism, and it is exactly what I had been looking for.

    The Goddesses are loving and vengefull, caring and jealous, Good and Evil.  I want these pages to eventually be a one stop place for all information of the Greek Pantheon.  For now I will start with the links that I have come across, and eventually convert them to how they pertain with the worship of Them through Wicca.

    Please be patient, my goal for this year is to complete these pages, so bear with me.
The Greek Goddesses
The Pantheon of Greek Goddesses of Greek Wicca