Grounding and Centering
Grounding and Centering
A foundational practice
Grounding and Centering are usually done together, and they are a fundamental and essential part of Wicca. We Ground and Center before rituals and rites, after them, and often during them. They are foundational in spellworking and other magickal workings, as well as tapping into psychic abilities and divination.

However, Grounding and Centering is something that you could practice every day - as a matter of fact I start my days first by Grounding and Centering. Through this practice I maintain a close connection to Nature, the Divine, as well as balancing my personal energies. I recommend this as your first practice in Wicca, and to make it a regular routine.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. This part is going to take practice – but you need to quiet your mind, let go of everything outside of you – enter a void. In your center, around your navel, visualize a light, that grows until it surrounds you encircling you like a forcefield.

-Then visualize yourself growing roots, reaching beyond the floor – however many there are, deep down into the earth. Reach out the tendrils into the dark dirt stretching out in every direction. Now pull in the power of Nature, the energy of the Mother - of the Earth Goddess Gaia and the Mother of Nature Demeter, into yourself. Fill yourself with this energy, and put some of that energy into your forcefield.

-Next, visualize yourself growing like a tree, with branches reaching up into the sky, past your ceiling and roof up into the blue – through the clouds and into the stars. Stretch the branches in every direction, each twig pushing out and reaching the energy of the Father Sky, and pull in this energy. Pull it into your center light.

-Next, push out your fears, anxieties, stress, frustrations, and all of your negative feelings into the earth and sky. Push them out of your navel, through the tendrils of roots and branches and out of you – into the universe to soak them up.
oYou have just grounded and centered. It is that simple, and you are ready to meditate and work on your inner temple.