Your Inner Temple
Visualization techniques for energy work
You Inner Temple is where you visualize yourself when beginning meditation work, and is an energetic and safe space to practice energy building, magickal energy direction, and other spellwork.

The Inner Temple is a land visualized inside your mind, where you go without having to move once you have Grounded and Centered. My personal Inner Temple looks like a much larger version of the Jefferson Memorial - but instead of his statue in the center of the open portico, is where I sit in my mind after I have Grounded and Centered. It is where I raise extra energy to direct towards magickal purposes, as well as have visions, connect with the Divinity, and find peace and balance.
I visualize the land in accordance to the Wicca tradition of the Cardinal Points - Earth is to the North, Air is to the East, Fire is to the South, and Water is to the West. So in my Inner Temple lands, I visualize a vast forest of ancient trees sprawling up the sides of mighty mountains. To the East is a vast plain, like the fields of grass you see in one of my favorite movies Dances With Wolves - open as far as the eye can see, the great dome of the Sky reaching down and connecting directy with Earth. To the South I visualize a vast desert that leads to fiery fields and volcanos. To the West are rivers connected to lakes that lead to a giant ocean.
I travel through these lands during meditation, and each time I see different trees, plants, animals, symbols and such that I focus on and try to determine the meaning of. It is also where my Spirit Guides live, and I discovered them through mediation in these lands and visit them regularly, drawing stregnth and their powers to help me through my daily life - as well as drawing guidance in matters that are on my mind and in my heart.

This page is about just that - helping you build your Inner Temple and Spirit Lands.

-Visualize yourself somewhere you really, really want to be – what your dream inner landscape is, a place where if you had every resource in the world would build your own personal temple. A hill, a desert, a deep wood – it is different for everyone. And then visualize an altar before you, before the tree you have become.
oThis is your inner altar, where you can visualize your devotions, spellwork, and return over and over. Practice grounding and centering over and over, until you can do it in the center of a crowd.