The Mysteries

The Rites and Ceremonies of the Ancient Greeks are complex and as much a mystery today as ever.  Although with all the archeological research and study, and the great effort of reconstructionists all around the world, it is starting to make a lot more sense.  However, we are not the Ancient Greeks, and no matter how hard we try, regardless of how much we may want to be, we're not.

We are modern day Wicca, who love the Greek culture, myths, heroes, and Pantheon, and incorporate that love into our faith and spiritual practices.  We have cultivated the ceremonies of the ancient Greek culture and combined it with the Neo-Pagan practices of modern day Wicca.

The outcome is a beautiful combination of form and function, which we can easily understand and identify with.  The Mystery is in the journey, not the learning of the ways.  Our path is not a secret, our spirituality is not hidden, and our faith is not mysterious.  We celebrate openly, with our arms, hearts, and eyes wide open, in the now of today, with reverence and respect of those who have travelled other paths so that we might chose our own.
Greek Wicca Leitourgia
The Wheel of the Year (Liturgical Calendar)