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I love the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and I love being a Wiccan.  I still have a lot to learn about both, and I learn more every day.

I visit site after site on the internet researching the ways of the Ancient Greeks, their Rituals, Hymns, Literature, and ways they Worshipped and lived their daily lives.  There are tons of web-pages dedicated to the Greek Worship Reconstruction, and many other sites about Wicca - many of which say worship any Gods you like, including the Greek ones - but so far I haven't found any sites dedicated to the Worship of the Greek Pantheon THROUGH Wicca.

Ours is a beautiful and poetic religion, and as an Eclectic Solitaire I find the freedom to enjoy many different flavors of Ritual and my Spiritual experience broadens every day.

So, I decided to stop searching and start doing!  I am not the teacher, nor the messenger.  I am not a Wiccan of any degree, nor do I lay claim on any ancient mystery, no titles, I have very little to offer you.

What I do have is this web-site, dedicated to the Greek Pantheon following the Wicca Way that I have learned, researched, and experienced in my few short years as a Pagan.

I hope that you find what you were looking for in these pages, and I welcome any constructive criticism, praise, or ideas.  Please feel free to sign my guestbook - it is just such a warm feeling when people comment on something I created.

I have retired from the Navy - time will soon be spent bringing this site back up.  It is a year later after having retired, it is harder to get to things I wanted to do than I thought it would be....but, since it is a New Year, I am going to get to it!

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!  Blessings,

Pyrrhidae Epirus
"If I fly, it is because my friends have lifted me, if I soar to the Heavens, it is because I have lifted my friends." me

*Note:  this site is still majorly under construction.  I am still trying to convert my ideas and the research I've done on both Wicca and Greek traditional worship into words and an easy to follow and understand liturgical system.  Please be patient with this site, it will be completed someday.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share.
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Welcome to Greek Wicca
Honoring the Gods and Goddesses of old in all new ways!!
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